What Is A Deep Cleaning?

Are you looking for a thorough, deep cleaning for your home? Maybe you are hosting out-of-town guests or organizing an important event in your home. While regular cleaning is for your cleanliness and upkeep, deep cleaning removes dirt beyond the surface level in your home— it’s also about cleaning those areas in your home that are often overlooked.

When Your Home May Need A Deep Clean

● To prepare/stage your home before putting in on the market for sale
● If you are planning to hire a professional cleaning service on a regular basis, we recommend starting with a deep clean for your initial cleaning. This helps to start off on the right foot
● Before moving out of a rental property: a deep cleaning ensures that you’ll get your security deposit.
● Hosting an event but don’t have time to clean
● Spring cleaning: always a good time to deep clean and freshen up your house

What We Do During A Deep Cleaning

● Remove soap scum, grime and mildew from showers and tubs
● Sanitize all bathroom surfaces.
● Clean and sanitize kitchen surfaces.
● Clean and polish appliances
● Dust reachable light fixtures
● Dust and wipe down cabinet fronts, baseboards, window sills and ledges
● Remove dust underneath and behind furniture
● Thoroughly vacuum carpets, area rugs
● Vacuum and damp mop floors
● Vacuum all upholstery
● Wipe down blinds and reachable fan blades
● Wipe down baseboards, spot cleaning walls and doors

Deep cleaning has many benefits such as improving your indoor air quality and giving a healthier environment inside your home.

Whether you are looking for regular cleaning or a one-time deep clean, Sparkle offers customized cleaning packages tailored to you and your home needs.

We Also Provide One-Time Cleaning Services For All Types Of Occasions Including:

  • Cleaning for guests
  • Spring/seasonal cleaning
  • Pre-selling and staging homes
  • Before and after surgery cleaning
  • Holiday cleaning
  • Post construction cleaning
  • Cleaning for baby showers
  • Pre and post cleaning for events and parties
  • Birthdays and weddings

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