standard / recurring house cleaning

Standard/Recurring House Cleaning Services

At Sparkle, we understand that maintaining your home on a regular basis takes time and energy and that with your busy schedule, work, school, family and other commutes, cleaning falls to the bottom of your priority list. For our regular or recurring house cleaning services, the main focus is on the areas of the home that gets the most used, such as the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, common areas, laundry rooms, play areas, finished basements etc. Keep in mind that each home is unique, and our services will be tailored to your specific home needs and preferences.

Our regular cleaning services are not just a way to keep your home looking beautiful, it’s also essential home maintenance that will prolong the life of your woodwork, tiles, furniture, cabinets, carpets, blinds, appliances and more. Maintaining these items on a regular basis can extend their lifespan. In the long run, houses that are well-maintained and kept clean often sell faster and at a greater value.

Regular Cleaning Basics

  • Thorough clean bathroom vanities and fixtures

  • Vacuum floors, carpets and area rugs
  • Damp mop floors

  • General dusting Clean and sanitize kitchen, countertops, dining room, clean inside out microwave

  • Clean stove top, clean and polish appliances, clean microwaves inside and outside Remove trash and replace bags

Note. This list is just an example. Each home may have different regular house cleaning needs.

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