One of the least favorite tasks to do for anyone who is moving is cleaning. Whether you are a tenant, a landlord or a homeowner, moving can be a stressful and an overwhelming experience. If you are planning to move out of a house or you are moving into a new house, you want to make sure the house you are moving in or out is left clean. Why add more to your plate by cleaning your house prior to moving out? Leave the move out cleaning task to the professionals and you have one less thing to worry about.

Move out cleaning

Renters: Houses can gather years of dust, dirt and grime. Our cleaning pros will leave your place clean so that you can receive your deposit back.

Landlords: We will clean your empty home, leave it meticulously clean to help you to impress prospective tenants.

Homeowners: Our experienced cleaners can improve the cleanliness of your home and leave a fresh and sanitized new slate to settle in.

Let us take care of your home while you focus on other tasks that are more important for your move. As a highly recommended and reputable move out cleaning service in Orleans, we pride ourselves in providing high-quality cleaning services for your satisfaction. Contact us today to get a quote for your move out cleaning!

Below are examples of common tasks we do in a move out cleaning

● Thorough clean bathrooms and fixtures
● Clean and sanitize kitchen appliances inside and outside
● Clean kitchen and bathrooms cabinets inside and outside
● Wipe down laundry machines exterior
● Remove cobwebs
● Spot clean walls and door trims
● Clean behind appliances whenever possible
● Dust and wipe down baseboards, closets, window sills and tracks, blinds
● Vacuum carpeted floors, vacuum and damp mop floors
● Sweep laundry rooms /storage rooms

Move in cleaning

While the majority of people leave a visible clean home before moving out, there could be dirt and grime that can be missed.

A thorough cleaning before moving all your belongings into your new place gives you a peace of mind knowing that you are moving into a clean slate.

We have extensive years of experience in moving, cleaning, leaving a sanitized and sparkling clean home for your comfort.

Our move in cleaning service can be tailored to suit your needs and may include;

● Deep clean bathrooms and sanitize bathroom fixtures
● Thoroughly vacuum carpets, floors and damp mop floors
● Clean appliances inside and outside ; refrigerator, freezer, microwave and stove
● Sanitize kitchen and bathroom countertops, sinks and faucets
● Clean under and behind appliances ( if possible).
● Wipe down laundry machines
● Dust and wipe down baseboards and other surfaces with visible dust
● Dust and wipe down windows/sills/ledges
● Clean kitchen cabinets inside and outside
● Wipe down light switches
● Remove cobwebs
● Sweep laundry room and wipe down laundry machines surface

Get a quote today for your move in cleaning!